We have a selection of water treatment for softened or hard water. Remember that most water softeners will leak around 2 to 3 ppm hardness on the outlet with out polishing. Our product contains a chelating and sequestering agents, a specific buffering agent, organic passivating agent, oxygen scavenger, alkalinity booster, non polymeric dispersing agents (polymers get too jumpy in applications like this where feed control, etc can be all over the map). The hard water treatment obviously has the addition of a hardness complexing agent. It is $25.00 for approximately a pound container plus S & H and tax when applicable.
We have High Quality Steam Cylinder Oil from Pennsylvania Crude Oil. We have used this Product from Table Top, Small and Large Marine, Steam Tractors, Steam Pumps, 15” Gauge Cagney and Several 2’ Gauge Crowns. We have used this Product with 0 to 350 PSIG Steam and 50 to 100 Degrees Superheat with No Carburizing. This Oil is slightly thinner than those found on the market. The Original formulas were designed for heated and pressurized Displacement Feed Lubricators not Mechanical. We still recommend you Pre Heat the Oil and run a Small Steam Line to the Lubricator and crack some steam in to warm the Oil up. This Oil is approximately 150 Weight and pre-heat is less. This will help thin the Oil to allow easier Pumping and help keep your Lubricator Primed. We have spent years trying everyone’s Steam Cylinder and Valve Oil and this is about the best Product we have found. Any questions or comments please contact us. This is a lower viscosity for Small Mechanical Lubricators. Only $8.00 for a 16 Ounce Bottle
Locomotive & Live Steam Supply
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All Water Treatment and Steam Cylinder Oil products must be shipped UPS in the Continental USA and Canada only